About Me

After being inspired by some of the popular websites about financial frugality, including my favorites Mr. Money Moustache (MMM) and Financial Samurai, I began a deep introspective into my own financial position and how it correlated to happiness and financial independence. I would read these blogs and get fired up, motivated to change parts of my life but then have issues reconciling  to the life I enjoy.

Currently a cog in the corporate machine, I work as the head finance person (have my CPA, Masters in Finance, etc) for a manufacturing company and my wife works in advertising. We’re both in our mid-(to late)-30s with two small girls. At this point, any early retirement blogger would be pulling out their hair that we aren’t already retired or nearing the end of our journey in corporate America. Unfortunately we’re not.

The reasons are numerous, we’ve (meaning I) have committed almost every early retirement sin with the exception of ever having any credit card debt. The most egregious of our sins has certainly been lifestyle creep. When I graduated college in 1999, I was working for a company making $28K/year (although they did pay for my graduate degree) and thought if I could ever get to $70K a year it would all I needed to live a pretty awesome life. We’re well above that now but still feel we’re not in the financial position we want to be.

What to do? Well, I’m versed on what the extreme retirement guides would tell us to do and the rage they would have towards my situation but what if there are parts I don’t want to change? They don’t feel their lives are extreme but I’m not so sure. I know I want to eliminate as much waste as possible though.

This blog is my attempt to ding away at that waste and move towards financial retirement while still enjoying our other passion: fitness.